The Amoeba That Eats Human Eyeballs


Taiwanese student Lian Kao, 23, reportedly did not remove her limited-wear, disposable contact lenses for six months straight and even wore them while swimming.

As a result, amoeba got under her lenses and tunnelled through her corneas, causing permanent damage that led to blindness in both eyes. The single-cell bug, called Acanthamoeba, can survive in tap water, swimming pools and hot tubs.

Other bacteria are actually more common, it should be noted, and complete loss of sight is fairly extreme, and scarring that impairs vision partially is not uncommon in situations like this.

Via CBC News for the full article.

Silicon Valley’s Tank Auction


Throughout his life, Jacques Littlefield, a Silicon Valley engineer, collected high-value military vehicles and equipment used from World War I to the Gulf War, according to Auctions America, which is handling the sale.

When he passed, the vehicles were given to the Massachusetts-based Collings Foundation.



Now, much of Littlefield’s collection, which is billed as one of the largest ever, [was] up for sale at the Military Vehicle Technology Foundation in Portola Valley.

Some of the pricier items include the German Panzer IV, a tank likely built in 1944 and expected to be sold for more than $2 million. Or, you could snag a Soviet-made vehicle, equipped with a 203mm cannon and estimated to go for up to $170,000.


Just happened this last weekend, so if you were in the market for a tank, sorry, you’re out of luck unless you can find an aftermarket seller.

Via SF Gate.

Bear Crashes Birthday Party Through Skylight. Eats Cupcakes.


A young bear fell through an Alaska couple’s skylight while they were preparing to celebrate their child’s birthday, sending the humans scurrying out the room while he feasted on cupcakes.

[T]he bear that fell through the skylight of the couple’s home in Juneau is believed to have been a juvenile male weighing about 82 kilograms.

[H]ome owners Alicia Bishop and Glenn Merrill [t]old the paper [they] fled into an adjoining room and closed the door behind him, and Bishop said the animal feasted on her infant son’s birthday cupcakes.

Unfortunately, the bear was trapped and euthanized, as it was believed to be the same bear involved in another trespassing incident in the same neighborhood.

Via CBC.

Man With No Arms Barred From Driving…After 100,000 Miles Of Doing Exactly That


Chinese police had pulled over 45-year-old Wo Guo in a routine check, when they found that not only was Mr Guo driving without a licence, he was using his left foot to steer the wheel while simultaneously using his right to use the brake.

[A] police spokesman said: “He is admirable, but it’s too dangerous for him to drive”.

Via Metro for the full article and additional photos.

China’s Innovative Automatic Sperm Extractor Device


Sanwe Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. [is] advertising the product with the awesome sales pitch, “We consistently hope to provide users more benefits, more convenience and more enjoyable healthy life with our superior quality products, thoughtful service and absolute faithfulness”.

[T]he automatic sperm extractor can be adjusted for height, frequency, amplitude, and temperature.

One can readily imagine the outburst of enthusiasm for, um, science that will emerge out of the distribution of this device.

Via Gamma Squad.

Project Devil Eyes: The CIA Made Bin Laden Toy to Deter Children from al-Qaeda


Beginning in about 2005, the CIA began secretly developing a ­custom-made Osama bin Laden ­action figure. The face of the figure was painted with a heat-dissolving material, designed to peel off and reveal a red-faced bin Laden who looked like a demon, with piercing green eyes and black facial markings.

The goal of the short-lived project was simple: spook children and their parents, causing them to turn away from the actual bin Laden.

There’s a dispute over how many of the figurines, if any, were ultimately delivered. A person with direct knowledge of the project in China said hundreds of the toys — one of which was seen by The Washington Post — were made as part of a preproduction run and sent on a freighter to the Pakistani city of Karachi in 2006.

The CIA, naturally, disputes this, claiming only three were created, and that the CIA ultimately declined to deploy any.

Via Washington Post.

Possessed Doll Purportedly Haunting Singapore


On a busy street in Singapore, residents discovered a small doll leaning against a tree. The doll looked somewhat antique and had its eyes covered with a cloth.

The cloth had some arabic text written on it meaning “bismillah”, [apparently intended] to trap whatever jinn or curse is inside from coming out or following the owner back home.

Stories from twitter revealed that the doll is possessed and has been moving around on its own when the original owner isn’t home. She binded [sic] the eyes and left it far away from home so it wouldn’t follow her back.


“Some say the doll can be heard talking when it’s left alone in a room and is found with its head turned in a different direction. It is said that it spoke in a Malay language and sound like an adult female.

The curse is rumored to have passed on to someone else who found it and untied the cloth unknowingly. The doll has been missing since.

Via India Today.