Dead Man’s Switch: Email for the Dead


Bad things happen. Sometimes, they happen to you. If something does happen, you might wish there was something you had told the people around you. How you feel, what you regret, where the money is stashed.

For this, you need a dead man’s switch.

Dead Man’s Switch is a clever digital service that allows you to pre-package emails to one or more recipients that are archived and kept in ice until the lights are switched out on you.

You assign pre-set intervals of 30 to 52 days that require a response from you. At the specified delay after this, the service assumes you are just dead-dead (presumably, being a liche would allow you to still send emails, circumventing the Dead Man’s Switch from activating) and fires off the specified emails.

Image via that awesomest of awesome Renaissance artists, Pieter Bruegel the Elder‘s masterpiece The Triumph of Death.
Via Dead Man’s Switch.

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