The Cooked Caloric Value of a Human Body


Curious about the nutritional value of the human body? In 2006, a researcher in the UK wrote a dissertation on cannibalism and calculated the caloric content of edible body parts.

The skin has 8,294 calories, and the heart, 722.

The total? About 81,500 calories, assuming you aren’t too picky about what you are willing to eat. I mean, beyond that it is a human body.

Note, the study only considered the average male body; presumably a female body’s differing composition of muscle and fat would adjust these values.

Still, a great way to start a cocktail party conversation, no? Or better yet, a barbeque!

Photo actually a funerary rite and not cannibalism, but I couldn’t resist the juxtaposition with the rest of this article. It was that or ridiculous colonial-era illustrations, and I couldn’t stomach that. (See what I did there?)
Researcher James Cole via Academia via Science Alert.

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