The Plan to Build a 70 Foot Tall Car Juggling Robot


A towering 70-foot diesel-powered robot, equipped with a haptic control interface that lets a human operate the machine, as it uses hydraulic cylinders to juggle three 1800 lb. cars (specifically, Volkswagen Beetles) in the air.

Dan Granett wants to bring his “BugJuggler” from dream to reality, and is actively seeking out investors to fund what he estimates to be a $2.3 million project.

“Fortunately, there is a clown troupe next door here in Berkeley and they are teaching me to juggle. The designer of a potential dangerous new device needs to be the first to use it in case of flaws.”

Better be careful those clowns don’t turn on him before his project to build a Gundam is complete. Just saying.

Street Physics via Gizmodo.

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