Pet Cemetery 3: Now With Human Remains, Too!


[The state of New York] has formally adopted regulations proposed last fall allowing pet cemeteries to accept the cremated remains of people who wish to spend eternity with their pets. Under the regulation, which takes effect in August, pet cemeteries can accept the remains but cannot charge a fee for a human burial and can not advertise their human burial services.

The regulation’s adoption brings to a close a nearly-three-year-old dispute that began when the state refused to allow the Hartsdale Pet Cemetery in Westchester County to accept the ashes of a former NYPD officer. Thomas Ryan, who wanted to spend his afterlife with his three Maltese pups.


Why is this even a debate? It appears to only be allowing cremated remains, so we’re not even talking proto-zombies.

I admit, my solution would probably simply be to sneak into the graveyard at night with jar of unconsecrated human ashes tucked under my arm…

Then again, this whole cremation trend in the United States has really put a crimp into my goal of creating a zombie army.

Via New York Daily News.

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