The Dwellers


I found them in a small corner in my backyard. After spending some time with them I asked if I could study them for a month under controlled conditions and these were my findings.

SUBJECT #2: The Licker
OBSERVATIONS: Immediately, I found that he would lick EVERYTHING. The rock, the grass, the glass, and even my hand as I fed him.


SUBJECT #3: The Happy One
OBSERVATIONS: From day one and all month long he never stopped smiling. And he always waved. It was sweet at first but quickly became unnerving.


SUBJECT #4: The Crabby One
OBSERVATIONS: He ended up being the most entertaining subjects. He would pace, have full arguments with himself. And at one point he even got into a fist fight with himself. He won many staring contests.

Via Vanessa Ramirez.

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