Vegan Taxidermy


Her work draws a great deal of influence from the mise en scène of nostalgic childhood films such as ‘The Dark Crystal’ and ‘Fern Gully’. Describing her style as ‘surreal anthropomorphism’, Hebson uses her passion for nature and spiritualism to explore the enigmatic beauty within the unconscious mind.


Beyond the dreamlike nature of her work, a key factor in the creation of her art is her recent adoption of veganism. This lifestyle transformation has resulted in the inclusion of the underlining theme of vegan activism throughout her recent work; using subtle anthropomorphism to provide her audience an emotional connection to the taxidermy pieces she creates.


All specimens seen in my work have died of natural causes or they are victims of roadkill accidents. I have a deep respect and appreciation for nature, i preserve the beauty in things which otherwise would be discarded or left to rot. My pieces celebrate the loveliness that you find in the great outdoors, and capture the spirit of the great English woodlands.

Via Nicola Hebson.

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