Fun with Forced Perspective


Model maker/collector and photographer Michael Paul Smith is a master at recreating incredibly accurate outdoor scenes using his extensive die-cast model car collection and forced perspective.



Mixing up miniature cars, detail items and buildings into a scene whose backdrop is the real world, he shoots the gorgeous miniature vistas of the town he has created and named “Elgin Park” — and he does it all with a cheap point-and-shoot.


The most intriguing part of Smith’s creations, however, isn’t how insanely detailed these models are (some of the cars have seats that move on rails and glove compartments that open and close) or even the fascinating process that he goes through from idea to final product.

The most intriguing thing is that he does this entirely outdoors, using natural light and a 14-megapixel Canon SX280, which goes for about $250 online. Before the Canon he used a 12-megapixel Sony, and before that a 6-megapixel Sony that was actually his favorite because, get this, 14 megapixels is too much resolution.


Via Michael Paul Smith and PetaPixel.

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