Home Rhinoplasty in 1598

Tagliacozzi Image 8

An incision is made in the skin of either arm, left or right, down to the flesh, that is, only as far as the surface of the muscles.

Furthermore, the extent of the mutilation of the nose will indicate the length and breadth of the skin which must be taken. When the skin is recognized as fit for grafting, its margins, as well as those of the nose, are lightly scarified so that the arm skin may be joined to the nose with sutures by the art.

[W]hen excellent union of the wound and nourishment of the skin is observed, sever the arm from the face, and care for the wound as you do for other wounds for a period of several days; but the remaining skin, that is, the result of the grafting, which, of course, is attached to the nose, has to be made into the shape of a nose.”

– Gaspare Tagliacozzi, Letter to Girolamo Mercuriale (1587)

Via Ask the Past.

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