Children’s Books We Want


“Somewhere, beyond the sea, there lived a little girl and her big friend Mr. Bubbles.”


“I’m sorry, I’m having trouble hearing you- I’m too busy playing with my toys.”


“Walt and the Bad Breakers have been cooking up something extra-special in New Mexico. The hit new album “Blue Sky” is loaded with the purest music your ears have ever heard. One hit of their first single “The One Who Knocks” and you’ll be hooked. With catchy songs like “Better Call Saul”, “The Ballad of Skinny Pete” and “Lily of the Valley”, you’ll never feel blue again. So get cookin’ with Walt and the Bad Breakers today!”


“The Cake may be a lie, but the friendship between a little girl and her robot friend is true love.”

Via Joebot Records.

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