Twitter Usage Distribution by Mobile Device

Chicago, United States

Chicago, United States

More than 280 million Tweets posted from mobile phones reveal geographic usage patterns in unprecedented detail.

Some of the interesting points:

  • Generally speaking, the developed world is a sea of iPhone red.
  • …with some exceptions. For example, Spain loves its Android devices and Blackberries.
  • The Middle East, Southeast Asia and Indonesia heavily favor Blackberries.
  • Korea is split – urban Seoul prefers iPhone, but everywhere else in the country goes for Android devices.
  • Not surprisingly, you can actually identify more and less affluent areas by device usage, with the more expensive iPhone being more heavily represented in wealthier areas. Chicago is a great example of this, as is Los Angeles.
Los Angeles, United States

Los Angeles, United States

It is important to note that this specifically represents Twitter usage – not necessarily actual device penetration.

Via an interactive map of the world at Map Box.

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