Collective Crowdfunded Democratic Decision Making


A technological spin-off from the Occupy movement, Loomio is crowdfunding a system to help groups of all sizes make decisions.

The Occupy movement provided a great example of social media helping to bring people together, but it struggled to come up with a clear plan. That experience led a bunch of activists down in New Zealand to create a platform called Loomio.


Someone sets up a group discussion, in which anyone can make a time-limited proposal. During the proposal period, participants set out their opinion by saying that they agree, abstain, disagree, or want to completely block the proposal.

Their opinion can be accompanied by a Twitter-length justification, and they can change their mind during the proposal period, as the discussion convinces people one way or the other.

Right now the largest groups using Loomio number around 300-400 people; beyond that, it will probably be necessary to introduce a Liquid Feedback style proxy system, where the user can delegate their vote to another, who may again delegate it to another – this is the basic concept of representation made digital

Loomio via Gigaom.

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