Pine Leaf, the Female Chief of the Amerindian Crow Nation of the 1830s


[Pine Leaf] was born to the Gros Ventres and at the age of about 10 taken prisoner by a raiding party of Crows.

She grew up in this tribe and showed a disposition to assume masculine habits. While always dressing in female clothing, she was learned in horse keeping, hunting and warfare, mostly against the Blackfoot.


She had at least four female wives and earned a strong voice in the tribes council, ranking the third person in the whole tribe of 160 lodges.

In 1854 she was killed by Gros Ventres Indians near Fort Union.

Pine Leaf as well earned the name Biawacheeitche, meaning “Woman Chief”.

As a side note, “Crow” is actually a name of French origin; the Apsáalooke Nation, as they are properly known, means “children of the large-beaked bird” – meaning raven.

Via Wikipedia.

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