How Much Is Your Body Worth on the Black Market?

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 12.07.09 AM

Organ trade is illegal in every country except Iran. Yet more than two million products derived from human tissue are sold in the U.S. yearly. One-half of those on the wait list die before their turn comes up.

Some resort to illicit means.

Of the 106,879 known transplanted organs in 2010 (still only 10% of the global transplant need), up to one in ten were from black market organs.


  • Hair – $70 for ten inches
  • Blood – $337 per pint (often done as “Blood Farming” by siphoning blood off of prisoners)
  • Bone Marrow – $23,000 per gram
  • Eggs – $12,400 per IVF cycle
  • Kidneys – $200,000


  • Corneas – $24,000
  • Skin – $10 per square inch
  • Skeletons – $2993 to $5500
  • Heart – $997,700 (legal) versus $119,000 (illegal)

I can’t be the only one to be contemplating the cost-benefit ratio of selling a couple of grams of bone marrow, right? Right?

Via Finance Degree Center for the full infographic.

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