Wild Concrete


Wild Concrete is a series about resilience of nature in an urban environment.

No matter how clever we are at dominating our environment with concrete structures, nature somehow finds its way to fight back. This reminds us that our concrete jungle eventually would have to give in to the force of nature if we’d let go, as captured by Romain’s images of sprouting flowers and maturing trees on unlikely places.



Via Romain Jacquet-Lagreze with a lot more.

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About Heretic

I design video games for a living, write fiction, political theory and poetry for personal amusement, and train regularly in Western European 16th century swordwork. On frequent occasion I have been known to hunt for and explore abandoned graveyards, train tunnels and other interesting places wherever I may find them, but there is absolutely no truth to the rumor that I am preparing to set off a zombie apocalypse. Nothing that will stand up in court, at least. I use paranthesis with distressing frequency, have a deep passion for history, anthropology and sociological theory, and really, really, really hate mayonnaise. But I wash my hands after the writing. Promise.

2 thoughts on “Wild Concrete

    • I remember hiking in an area that was simply forest with a relatively bare piece of ground with only smaller trees where a road had used to be.

      …Turns out nature had eaten the road and a whole bunch of houses in only 25 years. Really impressive. All you could see is the foundations, and sometimes not even that.

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