The Geography of a Post-Climate Change World


Martin Vargic, an amateur graphic designer from Slovakia, designed this map that depicts a world after 260 feet of sea level rise.

For average sea levels to rise this high, it would take the melting of both of Antarctica’s ice sheets, along with Greenland and other ice caps and glaciers across the world.

While this much sea level rise isn’t likely for at least several hundred years, the increased atmospheric carbon dioxide levels we bring about today create “largely irreversible” climate change for 1,000 years even after we curtail our greenhouse gas emissions, according to one study.

Click on the map to zoom in; a lot of the differences don’t seem major until you zoom in, where it becomes much more impressive. It’s a big load though, be warned.

Halcyon Maps via Huffington Post which should load faster if you have issues with that.

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