Artificial Sponges to Stop Gunshot Bleeding in Seconds


On the battlefield, every second counts, especially for medics treating the wounded. Treating wounds and stopping bleeding usually comes down to packing the wound with gauze, which isn’t always effective.

[A] group of veteran medics and scientists have teamed up to create something better: a syringe filled with tiny sponges that can not only stop the bleeding in such wounds, but do it quickly and more effectively than any other modern method.

The company, RevMedx, found inspiration in Fix-A-Flat foam, used for tire repair. They wanted something similar for wounds: something that could be applied to the wound, would expand and soak up all the bleeding.

Real sponges could never pass FDA approval, so the team made their own out of wood pulp and shrimp shells.

For a delivery mechanism, they decided on a syringe to inject small pieces of sponge directly into the wound.

Popular Science via DVICE.

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