For Want of the Moon…


Our nearest neighboring body in the cosmos has a profound effect on us.

It’s helped not only shape our evolution, biologically, but has shaped the entire physical evolution of our planet.


So what would be different?

  • No eclipses. Not just no lunar eclipses, note, but no solar eclipses.
  • Much smaller tides. The sun does contribute to tides on Earth , but the distance, despite its monstrously greater mass, means tides would be about 40% what they are now and would be far less complicated since they would be impacted by only a single body, rather than two has is currently the case.
  • Much darker nights. The reflective power of the moon is significant, and something we tend to take for granted.
  • Shorter days. As in, about seven hours long, as opposed to the current twenty-four. The moon is the guilty party at slowing down the Earth’s rotation, something that continues today – it’s just a very slow, albeit progressive, process.
  • Variable axial tilt. The moon stabilizes the Earth by quite a bit, meaning we have (fairly) regular seasons. Without this, sometimes we’d have no seasons, sometimes extreme seasons. Think A Game of Thrones years-long winters and summers and the like.

Top image via Paul Kinzer of Cambridge University Press.
Bottom diagram via Tim Thompson.

Via Medium.

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