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RoboSimian [was] the Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s official entry at the DARPA Robotics Challenge in December 2013.

Also known as “Clyde,” the robot is is four-footed, but can also stand on two feet. It has four general-purpose limbs and hands capable of both mobility and manipulation.

See RoboSimian in action at the disaster-response competition. Challenges includes turning a valve, traversing uneven terrain, clearing debris, opening and passing through doorways.

If I saw this coming to “rescue” me in a natural disaster, I am pretty sure I would have grave difficulty maintaining even simple bladder control. Now imagine an army of these. Being “helpful”.

Aren’t you glad I didn’t post this right before it was time to go to sleep?

(Sorry, India. You’re kind of screwed on this one. I promise to make North and South America pay a similar price next week with something timed for North and South Americas’ bedtime).

Via NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory on YouTube.

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