The 29-Foot Long Tapeworm of the Meguro Parasitological Museum

Billing itself as the only establishment in the world entirely devoted to parasites, the Meguro Parasitological Museum has become a popular offbeat attraction in a relatively quiet Tokyo neighborhood.

Photographs show the severely enlarged scrotum of the unfortunate human host of a tropical bug. Nearby, a giant herpetological parasite pokes out of a bottled turtle’s head.

The prize attraction is undoubtedly the world’s longest tapeworm – all 29 feet of it. The small gift shop sells a cheery range of parasite-themed T-shirts, keyrings, and birthday cards.


And – here’s the awesome part – it’s somehow become quite the go-to place for taking your date. Brilliant idea. I mean that sincerely. Next time I am in Tokyo with a prospective date…

What, some women wouldn’t find this awesome? That’s okay. Quick-filtering mechanism, right?

Via Atlas Obscura.

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