Anatomical Murals


Nychos grew up in a little village near Graz (Styria,South of Austria). He calls it the green hell.

Born into an Austrian hunters family, he saw, at a very young age, things which normal people would consider as cruel and brutal. He quickly got used to death and any other brutalities of nature. His mind never took it as something disgusting. Rather he started to see some beauty in those ugly things.

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 3.36.50 AM

One day, when he was about six he found a little dead baby lamb under a trashcan. First he was shocked as he saw that cute but dead little animal. Something was weird about it. When he looked closer he realized that half the body was eaten up by maggots which had the same color as the lamb’s fur.

Crawling and moving pretty fast, they were covered up by the trashcan and didn’t like the light. Suddenly he wasn’t shocked anymore and enjoyed looking at one life growing on another past life.



Street artist Nychos with tons, tons more on his site.
Quoted text via artist’s Facebook site.

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