Chicken Skin Teddy Bear


My practice concentrates on the role of the body within a new technological terrain, trying to understand it’s historical image and finding a way into the future.

Technology is traditionally seen as a means to an end, I see it as an ethnology of human activity. I work with found objects for which I find a new meaning and function. Objects become reconfigured, searching for a new purpose.

Mutation of ideas and forms is central my practice especially in regard to the notion of the post-human and to its description of a human identity which is caught between the idea that the self and becoming ‘other’ than itself, and the image of that self which is being mediated by the very technology that determines it.

Artist Victor Ivanov.

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About Heretic

I design video games for a living, write fiction, political theory and poetry for personal amusement, and train regularly in Western European 16th century swordwork. On frequent occasion I have been known to hunt for and explore abandoned graveyards, train tunnels and other interesting places wherever I may find them, but there is absolutely no truth to the rumor that I am preparing to set off a zombie apocalypse. Nothing that will stand up in court, at least. I use paranthesis with distressing frequency, have a deep passion for history, anthropology and sociological theory, and really, really, really hate mayonnaise. But I wash my hands after the writing. Promise.

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