The Felted Lord of the Rings Quiet Book


10 page felt Lord Of The Rings inspired quiet book.

  • Opening doors in the Shire
  • Unzipping the waterfall at Rivendell
  • Un-snapping river items to find the ring for Gollum
  • Trying on the ring
  • Helping Gandolf escape
  • Navigating Sam and Frodo through Mordor
  • Destroying the ring in Mt.Doom
  • Velcro-ing clothes on Aragorn

I particularly like how Mount Doom looks like it’s vomiting blood.





Via Julie’s Blog. Pattern available here on Etsy.

The Chicken Helm of the 16th Century


Jörg Seusenhofer (Austrian (Innsbruck), 1516-1558)

Date: ca. 1530 Culture: German, probably Augsburg Medium: Steel, embossed and etched Dimensions: Weight 6, lb. 6 oz. (2892 g); Height, 10 3/16 in. (25.86 cm); Width, 9 in. (22.86 cm); Length, 14 3/8 in. (36.5 cm) Credit Line: Bashford Dean Memorial Collection, Bequest of Bashford Dean, 1928

Via The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Woman Sleeps with Husband’s Corpse for a Year

Mummified Body Found

Marcel H, 79 is thought to have died of an Asthma attack in November last year but his beloved wife, 69, was so devastated by his death she failed to report it.

The wife continued to sleep next to her dead husband in their bed until his grisly remains were discovered. Neighbours failed to spot the smell of the decomposing body and the authorities in Belgium only became suspicious after the landlord claimed the couple had not paid their rent since 2012.

When they entered the apartment in Brussels they found the mummified remains.

Mummified Body Found

Philippe Boxho, pathologist at the Forensic Center of Liege said: “A body can mummify in a dry, warm environment.

“It takes at least a week to reach such a state. In this case the body had rotten in the bed his internal organs had melted and liquefied.”

The best part of this story? The pathologist remarked, “This is not the first time I have made a discovery of this kind, I’ve been faced with two or three other occassions where people have continued to sleep with the corpse of their partner.”

Like, uh, you do?

Via Daily News.

The Imperial Japanese Army Lieutenant Who Fought World War II for 29 Years


On December 26, 1944, [Hiroo Onoda] was sent to Lubang Island in the Philippines.He was ordered to do all he could to hamper enemy attacks on the island, including destroying the airstrip and the pier at the harbor.

Onoda continued his campaign as a Japanese holdout, initially living in the mountains with three fellow soldiers (Private Yūichi Akatsu, Corporal Shōichi Shimada and Private First Class Kinshichi Kozuka). During his stay Onoda and his companions carried out guerrilla activities, killed some 30 Filipino inhabitants of the island, and engaged in several shootouts with the police.

The first time they saw a leaflet which claimed that the war was over was in October 1945; another cell had killed a cow and found a leaflet left behind by islanders which read: “The war ended on August 15. Come down from the mountains!” However, they mistrusted the leaflet, since another cell had been fired upon a few days previously. They concluded that the leaflet was Allied propaganda.


Over the years, his three companions were variously killed or came down on their own accord to surrender to Philippine authorities.

Several more attempts were made to convince the soldiers the war was over but mutual distrust between the holdouts and the local authorities meant these efforts went for naught until 1974

On February 20, 1974, Onoda met a Japanese man, Norio Suzuki, who was traveling around the world and was looking for “Lieutenant Onoda, a panda, and the Abominable Snowman, in that order”.

Onoda still refused to surrender, saying that he was waiting for orders from a superior officer. [T]he Japanese government located Onoda’s commanding officer, Major Yoshimi Taniguchi. He flew to Lubang where on March 9, 1974, he finally met with Onoda.

Onoda was thus properly relieved of duty. He turned over his sword, his Arisaka Type 99 rifle (in working order), 500 rounds of ammunition and several hand grenades, as well as the dagger his mother had given him in 1944 for protection.

Only private Teruo Nakamura, arrested on 18 December 1974, held out for longer.

Obviously, Onoda had killed several people and fired on the police during his time in the mountains, but given the unique circumstances, President Ferdinand Marcos issues a general pardon and Onoda was allowed to return home, though he would find it so different from what he remembered that he eventually wound up an expatriate in a Japanese community in Brazil.

Via Wikipedia.

Yin-Yang Bathtub


Each bather has her/his own bathing water. Temperature, bathing additives and the color of the light can be chosen individually. Also in terms of hygiene, the separation of the bathing water is an optimal solution.

Four integrated high-performance color spots per tub body create an atmospheric color light on the bathing water – you can have alternating rainbow colors all over the water.

Via Trautwein.